Tree Removal With Lift

Tree & Shrub Removal

Our skilled team is trained in precision felling of trees for the prevention of potential property damage. We are capable of removing large trees in limited access areas with the use of advanced climbing and rigging techniques. We pride ourselves in our ability to safely and efficiently dismantle trees while maintaining complete control of each piece throughout the process.

Trees on your property offer a number of benefits to you and your community. We ask that you please consider the reasons for removal prior to making this decision, as our pruning services may be able to mitigate any hazards that are of concern. Many of our tree removals have included dead or dying trees,  redevelopment, construction, trees growing too close to structures or high traffic areas resulting from improper placement, or to minimize yard work requirements. If you do decide that removal of your tree is required, you are in good hands with our team here at Alaska Tree Solutions. You can count on us to complete the job professionally from initial assessment to final clean up.

As much as we love trees for their aesthetics, shade and added property value, there are times when tree removal is necessary.

A tree may need to be removed if:

  • It is dead or dying.
  • It’s unhealthy and suffering from disease or insect infestation.
  • It has been damaged beyond repair from a storm.
  • It’s growing too close to your house or utility lines.
  • It’s crowding other trees on your property.
  • It has structural problems such as cracks or interior decay.

Tree removal can be dangerous and complicated. Our specialists have the right equipment (aerial buckets, lifts, and cranes if needed), expertise and training to safely remove large trees without damaging your property. Our certified arborists will do a thorough evaluation and provide a free quote for tree removal if it is necessary. We’ll work with the power company to ensure all power lines are turned off, obtain all required permits and even notify your neighbors of the work being done in the area.